Transforming proteins into pioneering drugs – ProJect Pharmaceutics started operations

New pharmaceutical service provider ProJect Pharmaceutics recently opened facility in Munich/Martinsried

Munich, December 13, 2010 – ProJect Pharmaceutics started business operations and opened its laboratory facilities in the Biotech-cluster in Martinsried, near Munich. ProJect Pharmaceutics (PJP) transforms proteins, peptides and delicate small molecules into pioneering drugs.

Adding value to client’s bio-therapeutic products is PJP’s mission, focused in an innovative concept of biopharmaceutical development called Advaceutics. Based on the Advaceutics concept, ProJect Pharmaceutics designs optimized pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems that are stable, convenient and safe. Tailored to these optimized systems the company develops cost-effective manufacturing processes and transfers those from its own pilot labs to large-scale manufacturing. ProJect Pharmaceutics makes sure that investigational products as well as new presentations of registered drugs are developed effectively and will run smoothly in clinical and commercial scale GMP manufacturing.

ProJect Pharmaceutics was founded and is managed by Andreas Schütz and Klaus Hellerbrand, two leading experts in protein formulation and pharmaceutical process development with many years of experience in bio-pharmaceutics. Their combined expertise and complementary set of qualifications enables ProJect Pharmaceutics to deliver the high-tech pharmaceutical services the team is known for and that are in increased demand for the global biopharmaceutical industry.

“In times of an increasingly globalizing and changing pharmaceutical value chain, capital efficiency in developing new drugs, paired with deep expertise and highly reliable quality of service are ever important for competitive pharmaceutical companies facing a challenging market environment”, says Dr. Andreas Schütz, Managing Director and Founder of Project Pharmaceutics.

“We started our operations with an experienced team of biopharmaceutical professionals and already are working on several exciting projects”, comments Klaus Hellerbrand, Managing Director and Founder.