About Us

What We Do and Who We Are


ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms all kinds of chemical and biological ingredients into pioneering drugs. We are experts in formulation science and pharmaceutical process development with special emphasis on recombinant proteins, ADCs / cytotoxics and live virus vaccines.

Adding value to our customers’ bio-therapeutic products is our daily business. We design optimized pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems that provide highest safety levels at maximum convenience.

We develop cost-effective fill and finish processes, tailor-made for the drug formulation and the delivery system of choice, and transfer them from our pilot lab to large-scale manufacturing. The ability to develop Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) by combining protein formulation and process know-how with cytotoxic drug expertise puts ProJect Pharmaceutics in a unique position within the biopharmaceutical industry.

New safety facilities up to GMO S2 and BSL-2 classification in dedicated labs and a profound understanding of the challenges when formulating and processing live virus vaccines enables ProJect Pharmaceutics to provide specific solutions for this group of for this group of highly complex products.

ProJect Pharmaceutics has its headquarter in the biotech cluster in Martinsried near Munich.

Our pharmaceutical experts are well-trained in project and business management. The project manager assigned to your project will be your individual contact person and competent for all aspects of the project.

ProJect Pharmaceutics belongs to the JRS Pharma Family.  For API management, Regulatory Services and Distribution, Lyomark Pharma is our trusted partner.

Klaus Hellerbrand (left) and Dr. Andreas Schütz (right), managing directors.


Andreas Schütz

Dr. Schütz studied Pharmacy and received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Erlangen in 1991.

He began his career in pharmaceutical development with Schwarz Pharma AG based in Monheim, Germany and last held the position of Head of Specialized Pharmaceutical Systems.

Dr. Schütz joined Vetter Pharma, based in Ravensburg, Germany in 1998 as Head of Pharmaceutical Development and Senior Project Manager.

In 2001, Dr. Schütz joined Scil Technology based in Munich, Germany and last held the position of VP Pharmaceutical Development and Head of BioPharma Services. Together with Klaus Hellerbrand he founded ProJect Pharmaceutics in 2010.

Andreas Schütz is an inventor on numerous patents and patent applications. His key expertise is focused on Formulation Science, Drug Delivery Systems, Lyophilization Technology, Aseptic Processing, Project and Key Account Management.

Klaus Hellerbrand

Klaus Hellerbrand earned his degree of applied Science in Biotechnology from the University of Weihenstephan.

In 1995 he joined Boehringer Mannheim / Roche Diagnostics as a development engineer focused on down-stream processes for protein drugs and development of protein formulations. He joined Scil Technology in 1999 as protein formulation scientist.

Serving in positions of increasing responsibility, in 2003 he became Head of Pharmaceutical Technology, responsible for product formulation and protein drug supply. Together with Andreas Schütz he founded ProJect Pharmaceutics in 2010.

Klaus Hellerbrand is an inventor on numerous patents and patent applications. He is an expert in Protein Science, Protein Analytics, Downstream Processing, Process Technology, Coating Technology and Lyophilization Technology.