ProJect Pharmaceutics’ announces new service offering: Excipient quantification

Are you looking for a CRO that quantifies the excipients in your formulation? Particularly for high concentrated protein formulations, a deep understanding of the Donnan effect in your specific formulation is of significant importance. We at ProJect Pharmaceutics have at your disposal the expertise, as well as state-of-the art chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis methods, for quantifying a wide range of excipients. Whether it´s to determine excipient concentrations in the final manufactured drug product or for in-process control measurements, we can quantify the following excipients: Sugars and sugar alcohols, all amino acids, detergents, buffer substances, antioxidants (reduced and oxidized forms), inorganic components. This service is made available to all our clients from now on as part of a project.