Introducing formulation and lyophilization process development for cytotoxic and other highly potent drugs

ProJect Pharmaceutics expands its service portfolio to meet customer’s increasing need for the development of cytotoxic and other highly potent drugs such as immunotoxins.

ProJect Pharmaceutics is one of the leading European service providers offering tailored pharmaceutical formulations and lyophilisation processes for therapeutic proteins and peptides.
New safety facilities in dedicated labs and a deep understanding of the challenges when processing highly potent drugs enable ProJect Pharmaceutics to provide specific solutions for cytostatic agents and immunotoxins.

Many pharmaceutical ingredients of this class show limited solubility in water and degrade rapidly during compounding, filling and freeze-drying. Smart formulations and manufacturing processes to safeguard the efficacy of the finished drug product are therefore required.

PJP’s long lasting experience and comprehensive know-how of lyophilisation from various kinds of solvent systems enables our customers to follow new paths in process technology for highly potent drugs. Customers will benefit from safer products with optimized impurity profile and reduced manufacturing costs.